Zolfolime - Sulfur Lawn and Plant Food Liquid - Soil Loosener and Conditioner- Great for Compact Soils, Standing Water, Poor Drainage

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SULFUR PLANT SUPPLEMENT: Zolfolime is a sulfur based lawn and plant food liquid that complements your major nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphoros and Potassium fertilizers with the fourth important and major nutrient - Sulfur. Liquid form of Sulfur fertilizer aids in faster absorption than sold or powdered Sulfur.

SOIL LOOSENER AND CONDITIONER: Calcium and Sulfur contained in Zolfolime help loosen soil by exchanging elements that cause soil hardpan and improve pores for better water drainage and nutrient penetration.

USE ON ALL PLANTS: Zolfolime can be used on small plants including garden vegetables and fruits to large fruit trees and orchards.

COST EFFECTIVE & EASY TO USE: Cost effective way to supplement your fertilizers with Zolfolime and provide plants needed Sulfur. Liquid Sulfur aids in faster absorption with potential to yield faster results than solid or powder Sulfur. Use as a foliar spray or add it to water that you normally use to water your plants. 


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