How to treat mange at home?

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As a pet owner, you should know that mange is a very common skin disease in dogs and cats, which can affect localized areas of the body or the ears.

The parasites responsible are mites, which are classified according to the area affected and the species to which they belong. Domestic animals can acquire it through contact with other infected dogs or with objects contaminated with the causative mites.

In this post, you will learn how to treat mange at home and we will share with you what remedies and methods you can use to detect, prevent and eliminate it.

How to treat mange at home

Mange is an infection that occurs in the animal's skin. It is a disease that is caused by external parasites, such as mites. If not treated in time, the consequences can be serious for the affected animal, so it is important to be attentive to the symptoms.

What are the main symptoms of mange?

  • Hair loss, in the areas affected by the disease.
  • Reddening of the area and peeling of the skin.
  • Inflammation of the infected area.
  • Foul odor, due to secondary infections
  • Intense and persistent itching
  • Lack of appetite (anorexia) and weight loss
  • Dry or moist skin lesions such as crusts, bumps, or patches of red, inflamed skin

How to treat prevent and eliminate mange at home

Fortunately, preventing mange in pets is very easy, you just need to follow these tips at home.


The main thing is to maintain good hygiene as the mites that cause mange can survive in the environment, so it is important to clean the house frequently to eliminate mange mites, as well as wash and disinfect clothes, sheets, pillows, and furniture.

Clean your pet's belongings

It is important to make sure that the items your pet uses, such as bedding, toys, collar, food bowl, etc, are properly cleaned if your pet has mange. Scabies mites can contaminate these items, so they need to be washed with hot water, soap, and bleach to remove any traces of contamination.

Keep your pets isolated

If you have more than one pet at home, be sure to keep your sick pet isolated to prevent mange from spreading. Assign him a special place with everything he needs, such as bedding, food, toys, etc. Still spend time with him and take him out for walks in a prudent manner to avoid him feeling lonely.

Avoid direct contact

When you are in contact with your sick pet, wear gloves and change clothes afterward. Wash the clothes in hot water and detergent and dry them in the dryer or place them in the sun to make sure they are free of dust mites. Although unlikely, humans can also get mange from dogs, so it is important to take precautionary measures.

Home remedies to treat mange in pets

Popularly, several effective remedies are often discussed to alleviate canine mange and promote healing.

 Although they alone cannot eliminate a mite infection in a pet, they help treat bothersome symptoms such as itching, inflammation, and lesions. Choosing which one is best depends to a big extent on the overall condition of the pet and the severity of its condition.

Bathing with special soap

This remedy is as simple as it is effective. Nothing like a good bath with plenty of water and soap to help eliminate the mites that cause this disease.

It is recommended to use specific soaps for your pet since the soaps we use can irritate them.

Apple cider vinegar

This is used as a natural remedy to treat mange in dogs due to its ability to create an acidic environment that prevents the survival of mites and bacteria. To apply it, a mixture of water, borax, and apple cider vinegar can be rubbed on the dog's body and allowed to dry without being removed.

Apple cider vinegar can also be added to the dog's food, as long as the dog likes the taste.

Effective products to treat mange in pets

Healthy Paw Life's Lime Sulfur Dip products will help you control and eliminate mange in pets at home, with easy application and long-lasting effects, and works for all types of pets such as dogs, cats, puppies, and even horses.

Healthy Paw Life’s Lime Sulfur Dip

In case you are still not sure what your pet's main problem is, you can use this product as a preventative in many different situations, whether your pet has mange, rashes, rashes, or dry or cracked skin.

You can use it both to treat symptoms such as rashes, itching, and more, and to prevent mange at the same time.

Plus it's easy to apply, just dilute this flea dip in the water, then use the mixture to rinse or sponge your pet. Its durability is another big advantage as it will keep the effects for 30 days, so you won't have to worry about applying it constantly compared to other treatments.

Healthy Paw Life’s Lime Sulfur Cream

This is another product that can help you if your pet has mange as its formula of extra strong sulfur which is an active ingredient known for its antifungal, antibacterial, and acaricidal properties that can help not only treat mange but a variety of skin problems, such as dandruff and psoriasis.

It is also easy to apply, just place a small amount of the product on your pet's skin, rub it in gently, and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

Also, the odor is not strong and there is no risk of causing irritation or allergic reactions, and improvements in the skin are noticeable after just a few applications so you and your furry friend will be satisfied with the results.

In Conclusion

As you can see there are currently many products and home remedies to treat scabies in pets, alleviate symptoms and prevent their spread. Still remember that these treatments should be combined with proper medical care and if in doubt, consult a veterinarian.


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