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1. What is Lime Sulfur?

Lime Sulfur, also known as Calcium Polysulfide or Sulfurated Lime Solution, is a molecule made up of multiple Sulfur atoms and a Calcium atom. Lime sulfur generally exists in a dissolved/liquid state. Sulfur powder by itself is not very soluble or bioavailable. Many of our formulations use soluble form of Sulfur (Lime Sulfur) to make it easy for skin to absorb and address the underlying causes of skin issues.
In Ayurveda (science of holistic and alternative medicine), Sulfur (Gandhak) has been mentioned and used for hundreds of years. Sulfur has demonstrated benefits to not only address skin problems ranging from itchiness, dermatitis and broad range infections but also as preventive care.
Healthy Paw Life develops and manufactures a comprehensive line of Sulfur based products ranging from Dips, Creams, Sprays and Shampoos. Our Shampoo line comes in two forms - One with Lime Sulfur and other with Sulfur powder and Salicylic Acid. Similarly our Sprays come in various formulations namely Lime Sulfur combined with Aloe Vera, Lime Sulfur in a Sprayable lotion base with essential oils to not only harness the power of Sulfur but also provide soothing effects. Check out our broad collection of Sulfur based products by clicking "Shop All"
Lime Sulfur can smell like rotten eggs. However the smell does not linger for long. To milden the effect of this smell, we recommend that you apply the product in ventilated areas. You can also apply essential fragrance oil based spray after Lime Sulfur application. Many of our products are blended with essential oils to provide soothing effect and mask the smell of Lime Sulfur. Check out our Lime Sulfur Cream, Calendula Lotion Spray and More for less Lime Sulfur smell. Yes, it stinks but its healthy....kind of Sthealthy!