Healthy Paw Life’s Lime Sulfur Wipes - Relief for Itching, Scratching, and Redness - Infused with Lime Sulfur, Aloe & Essential Oils - Skin Care Solution for Pets (50ct, 2" Skin Soothe Wipes)

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Introducing Healthy Paw Life's Lime Sulfur Wipes, your pet's ultimate solution for skin care woes. Crafted with care and backed by nature's finest ingredients, these wipes offer a holistic approach to address a myriad of skin problems.

 Our wipes feature an antiseptic formula, meticulously designed to relieve common skin issues including itching, scratching, redness, and flaky skin. Say goodbye to discomfort as your furry companion experiences soothing relief with every use.

 Infused with the goodness of aloe and essential oils, our wipes not only cleanse but also soothe skin irritation and inflammation, providing gentle yet effective care. The blend of lime sulfur and essential oils creates a powerful ancient formulation, tackling the root cause of skin problems for lasting results.

 With each 2" wipe providing ample surface area, you can ensure thorough coverage and application, making skin care a breeze for your pet. Manufactured in the USA.

 Give your pet the gift of healthy, nourished skin with Healthy Paw Life's Lime Sulfur Wipes. Experience the difference in your pet's well-being, backed by our commitment to quality and our money-back guarantee.


  • Comprehensive Skin Care: Our Lime Sulfur Wipes provide a holistic solution for various skin issues including itchiness, scratching, hot spots, and dry or cracked skin, ensuring all-around application for your pet's skin health. These wipes effectively relieve itchiness caused by fungus, ringworm, mange or dry skin, offering your pet much-needed comfort and relief.
  • Soothing Itch Relief: Enriched with aloe and essential oils, these wipes not only cleanse but also soothe skin irritation and inflammation, offering gentle and nurturing care for your furry friend's skin.
  • Safe and Gentle Formulation: Harnessing the power of a blend of lime sulfur and essential oils, our wipes offer a powerful ancient and holistic solution for your pet's skin issues.
  • Convenient Application: Our pre-moistened wipes are easy to use and perfect for on-the-go use between baths, making it easier than shampoos and liquids to clean face folds, finger folds, and other hard-to-reach areas, while also helping to dry the affected area. Each ³2" wipe provides adequate surface area for thorough cleansing and application, ensuring higher efficacy in treating various skin conditions.
  • USA Made: Manufactured in the USA and backed by our money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.



Apply to the affected areas as directed by your veterinarian. Gently rub accessible portions of skin and ears with the pads. Repeat with a clean pad until pad is free of dirt. Use as frequently as needed.

Lime Sulfur, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus Oil, Lavender Oil, Pine Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Soap, Water